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Patent Examples

For each patent, the United States Patent and Trademark Office issues a single original version, which comes neatly bound in a cover with a nice ribbon.  The original patent document, often called the "ribbon copy", is quite impressive when shown to a jury determining whether the patent is infringed.

While the cover is impressive, the inside sheets stating the substance of the patent are what really matters.  Copies of the patent usually show only the text and drawings, not the cover.




Patents can be obtained in widely varying technical subject matters - "almost anything under the sun made by man".  Here are just a few examples - click on the image to see the front page of the patent.

A well advised business will not only make careful decisions about its own patent protection, but will also be familiar with the patent portfolios of competitors in the same type of business.

MedicalFixator with Outrigger


For further examples of patents which have been prepared and/or prosecuted by Jeff Shewchuk of Shewchuk IP Services, click on any of the following U.S. Patents to see the full text at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office website:

7,195,269     Hitch

D537,759     Bridge portion of hitch

7,156,436     Clamping device having an actuating carriage which moves a movable jaw...

7,138,999     Refinement of a triangular mesh representing a three-dimensional object

D530,652     Sloped faced hitch

7,123,986     Family molding

RE39,223     Termite control

7,089,082     Automated multi-customer molding

7,086,682     Device for obturation of an aperture for an automotive vehicle  

7,047,896     Multi-hulled vessel  

7,036,224     Method of making fluid sensor probe  

6,999,629     Image coding/decoding method

6,935,650     Trailer hitch  

6,890,095     Multiple point averaging duct temperature sensor  

6,846,000     Trailer hitch

6,836,699     Automated quoting of molds and molded parts

6,811,362     Constant dimension insert cutting tool with regrindable profiled inserts

6,786,908     Bone fracture support implant with non-metal spacers

6,783,529     Non-metal inserts for bone support assembly

6,759,065     Extraction method, pharmaceutical composition and a cosmetic composition

6,746,448     Outrigger for bone fixator

6,745,949     Drinking straw with valve function

6,714,798     Telephone terminal, removable data medium provided with means…

6,714,627     Collimator for radiotherapy apparatus

6,710,557     Linear accelerator

6,709,436     Non-metal spacers for intramedullary nail

6,709,002     Ball hitch

6,701,860     Fender

6,701,200     Automated custom mold manufacture

6,691,822     Sound damping filter, ear protector, and method for manufacturing...

6,688,625     Bicycle having pedal drive, and pedal drive

6,671,522     Terminal controlled by a subscriber's identification module for running...

6,668,735     Pallet with a plastic platform

6,652,524     Fixator with outrigger

6,642,678     Linear accelerator

6,637,616     Nozzle for beverage can

6,628,396     Photo expansion gas detector

6,626,498     Side-discharge tipper vehicle with side wall flexibly connected to...

6,619,469     Scraper blade, especially conveyor belt scraper

6,615,639     Self monitoring static seal

6,611,427     Flexible fan module

6,608,735     Asymmetric tapered air bearing slider

6,608,604     Helical antenna with built-in duplexing means, and manufacturing...

6,599,012     Thermowell adapter

6,595,523     Self monitoring mechanical seal

6,592,254     Multiple point averaging duct temperature sensor

6,591,691     Apparatus for and method of measuring thermal stress of concrete structure

6,584,068     Prototype signals construction for multicarrier transmission

6,581,849     Automatic semi-conductor condensate flower-watering device

6,581,692     Making up and breaking out of a tubing string in a well white maintaining...

6,557,299     Revolving door

6,555,748     Sensor assembly with housing for secure sensor connections

6,552,876     Air bearing slider with corner steps

D472,188     Fail safe retractable hitch

6,533,308     Fail safe retractable hitch

6,523,611     Apparatus for completing a subterranean well and method of using same

D468,995     Bracket

6,505,693     Soil sampler

6,502,261     Patient support

6,496,604     Method for processing a noisy digital image source sequence

6,487,245     Method for testing a radiocommunications network, corresponding device...

6,484,587     Pressure sensor

6,480,322     Method of improving the respondability of moveable structures in a display

6,478,652     Two-legged body

6,463,958     Distributing device for thick substances, especially concrete

6,459,744     Multi-carrier symbol synchronization

6,457,857     Sheathed and flanged temperature probe

6,454,080     Scraper arrangement

6,452,755     Microactuator suspension with multiple "I" shaped microbeams

6,450,779     Two-cylinder thick matter pump

6,449,468     Mobile radiocommunication terminal comprising at least two antennas...

6,436,042     Ultrasonic measuring device for determining bone density and structure

6,435,280     Making and breaking of couplings between pipe sections in a drilling rig

6,431,348     Device for steering a conveyor belt

6,419,778     Covering sheet having minute unevenness on the surface thereof, methods...

6,409,414     Pin for connecting gears to a supporting member, and transmission...

D459,374     Saw blade

D459,171     Wheel for saw blade

6,395,996     Multi-layered substrate with a built-in capacitor design

6,393,642     Supporting device such as for instance a cushion

6,390,749     Cover mountable to beverage container and mounting method and...

6,388,816     Multi-leaf collimator

6,386,814     Cover mountable to beverage container and mounting method and...

6,386,461     Rail pads

6,379,362     Insulated skull pins

6,378,244     Method of cultivating fruit bodies of agaricus blazei in artificial mushroom...

6,376,990     Linear accelerator

6,373,068     Apparatus and method for preparing radioactive medicines for administration

6,370,822     Revolving door

6,368,882     Method for detecting organic contamination by using hemispherical-grain...

6,368,162     Temperature resistive electrical distribution block

6,362,939     Balanced microactuator suspension

6,360,912     Straw having valve function

6,359,754     Increased mechanical spacing through localized continuous carbon overcoat

6,351,357     Laminated hard magnet in MR sensor

6,349,735     Differential pressure sensor and isolation valve manifold assembly

6,333,991     Analysis of radiographic images

6,324,258     Apparatus for making tomographic images

6,311,388     Method of making air bearing with corner steps

6,308,834     Flotation tank impeller

6,307,876     Linear accelerator

6,305,752     Pneumatic blasting device

D449,608     Computer switching apparatus

6,296,645     Intramedullary nail with non-metal spacers

6,293,697     Housing for HVAC control unit

6,289,595     Method and device for measuring workpieces having internal and/or...

6,283,511     Pipe coupling

6,283,388     Liquid dispensing apparatus

6,282,167     OFDM signal organized so as to simplify reception

6,282,053     Adhesiveless disc drive spindle assembly

6,278,686     Construction of a multicarrier signal

6,270,021     Liquid dispensing apparatus

6,267,401     Foldable bicycle

6,267,347     Acoustic mount

D445,764     Computer-cord-connector

6,263,029     Digital signal with multiple reference blocks for channel estimation...

6,262,514     Bearings and supports

6,260,430     Face gear transmission, in particular for aircraft application

6,260,429     Face gear transmission assembly, in particular for aircraft application

D445,092     Computer-cord-connector

6,244,458     Thermally insulated container

6,239,952     Microactuator suspension with multiple "I" shaped microbeams

6,239,951     Air bearing slider with increased speed sensitivity

6,234,204     Flow control valve

6,231,338     Method and apparatus for the detection of carious activity of a carious...

6,229,700     Portable computer host without any user interface

6,223,529     Hydraulic system with a hydromotor fed by a hydraulic transformer

6,220,473     Collapsible vacuum panel container

6,206,662     Two-cylinder slurry pump

6,189,280     Wall exposed to wear, wear-resisting lining element and fastening means...

6,181,295     Helix antenna with a built-in broadband power supply, and manufacturing...

6,179,788     Guide wire with multiple radiopaque sections and method of use

6,178,750     Method and apparatus for converting thermal energy into work

6,167,601     Method for manufacturing ventilated sheet-metal floor members

D435,519     Computer cord connector

6,153,281     Magnetic media with permanently defined non-magnetic tracks and...

6,144,534     Laminated hard magnet in MR sensor

6,130,624     Talking remote control

6,123,348     Brake system for downhill wheeled board

6,119,264     Data block convolutional coding device and method, and corresponding...

6,108,388     Iterative-structure digital signal reception device, and module and method...

6,099,305     Device for the production of a dental working model for preparation...

6,095,372     Beverage dispenser cabinet and holder

6,091,950     System and method for the control of a cellular radiocommunications...

6,086,111     Pipe coupling

6,083,263     Adjustable hip-joint endoprosthesis

6,082,590     Beverage dispensing structure with cabinet for beverage container...

6,080,801     Multi-component material and process for its preparation

6,077,603     Seeded underlayer in magnetic thin films

6,058,118     Method for the dynamic reconfiguration of a time-interleaved signal...

6,053,552     Unitary edge support for lid opening of bulk trailer or truck body

6,048,099     Soft-sided insulated container

6,047,479     Method and device for accurately measuring a longitudinal contour of...

6,024,300     Liquid dispensing apparatus

5,997,675     Method of molding using a covering sheet having minute unevenness on...

5,995,325     Transducer signal wire termination

5,993,716     Material and process for its preparation

5,991,104     Using servowriter medium for quickly written servo-patterns on magnetic...

5,987,705     Handle covering with vibration-reducing bladder

5,986,606     Planar printed-circuit antenna with short-circuited superimposed elements

5,976,400     Phase change material and use

5,975,266     Multi-speed transmission

5,974,911     Face-gear transmission assembly with floating balance pinions

5,971,401     Ring seal for apertures of multi-shelled structures, especially of...

5,967,084     Apparatus for controlling movements of mollusca and the like

5,966,612     Method of making a multiple mushroom shape capacitor for high density...

5,966,096     Compact printed antenna for radiation at low elevation

5,961,528     Insulated skull pins

5,959,489     Method and apparatus for controlling selectable functions of an external...

5,952,097     CoCrTa/CoCrPtTa bi-layer magnetic thin films

5,948,275     Method and facility for treating effluents loaded with organic material...

5,938,078     Valve for beverage dispenser

5,927,682     Rotary drive coupler for actuated valve

5,927,024     Termite barrier

5,923,499     Air bearing slider having shaped air bearing surface extending portion...

5,915,959     Method and apparatus for preheating particulate material

5,915,641     Reel inside bucket

5,914,892     Structure and method of array multiplication

5,911,370     Rotary mineral breaker tip assembly and components therefor

5,906,435     Particulate drum mixer with scoop section and seal assembly with bladder

5,890,483     Heaters

5,884,686     Cast nodes and patterns for their production

5,878,565     Closable chain link

5,876,630     Scintillation material on the base of cesium iodide and method for its...

5,875,178     Digital signal organized in self-contained data containers, especially for...

5,868,408     Turf board

5,858,566     Seeded underlayer in magnetic thin films

5,858,474     Method of forming a magnetic media

5,857,771     Apparatus for removing gas inclusions from mixing of liquid and powder...

5,845,622     Fluid metering device

5,832,583     Grinding mill liner adapter

5,824,083     Cement-free femoral prosthesis component and method of producing it

5,823,100     Baking/cooling rack

5,820,945     Method of applying lubricant to magnetic disc

5,817,402     Covering sheet having minute unevenness on the surface thereof, methods...

5,816,150     Dampening units of offset printing presses

5,805,183     Ink jet printer with variable advance interlacing

5,800,560     Hip prosthesis with adjustable head

5,799,439     Protective enclosures for seeds

5,797,543     Three dimensional contour surface box

5,797,235     Double skin composite structures

5,797,204     Calendar organizing system

5,796,482     Apparatus/method for optical measuring a physical amount of a specific...

5,788,702     Applicator system

5,779,467     Method and apparatus for preheating particulate material

5,776,537     Method of characterizing exchange coupling for magnetoresistive sensor

5,773,783     Double skin composite structures and methods of producing such structures

5,772,857     Method of manufacturing CoCrTa/CoCrTaPt bi-layer magnetic thin films

5,771,490     Hand and handle covering with vibration-reducing bladder

5,762,061     Splitting apparatus

5,755,452     Folding hitch safety latch

5,755,000     Low air-loss mattresses

5,754,371     Swage plate bumper for disc drive

5,752,665     Grinding mill liner adapter

5,746,200     Trabecula nasal filter having both macropores and micropores

5,741,571     Double skin composite panels

5,735,409     Screen cloth element and screen cloth for making the same

D392,808     Bathing aid for the elderly/disabled

5,729,853     Low air loss bed with air pressure sensor

D391,971     Refrigerated milk dispenser

5,722,935     Laparoscopic retractor having a plurality of blades extending laterally...

D391,438     Compact disk organizer

5,711,479     Boxlike package with closable dispensing opening

5,711,444     Transport chamber

5,692,829     Method and apparatus for fluidising a mixture of solid particles dispersed...

5,685,479     Box-like packaging with dispensing opening and blank for making same

D386,049     Milk bag holder for a milk dispenser

5,664,304     S-hook with safety latch

5,660,323     Box with sealing tab

5,658,352     Hip prosthesis and its use

5,654,853     Disc storage device having a magnetic head air bearing slider configuration...

5,650,900     Magnetic disc with zoned lubricant thickness

5,645,347     Mixing apparatus with mixing rod supporting lid

5,642,923     Removable shelf system for a transport container

5,638,809     Collapsible multi-level baking rack assembly

5,620,117     Exchangeable closing and pouring cap

5,615,711     Screen encased exhaust hose

5,601,202     Transport chamber

5,592,202     Ink jet print head rail assembly

5,574,075     Material as a starting material for the preparation of bone cement, process...

5,558,241     Cryotransport chamber

5,555,619     Method of electrically connecting a transducer to a preamplifier

5,554,190     Prosthesis component and a method of producing it

5,548,972     Floating insulator top for pallet sized container

5,548,893     Spin-on oil filter replacement element

D372,686     Passenger car

D372,685     Passenger car

5,541,710     Bearing seal for xerographic developer unit

5,539,956     Fingered latch for pallet-sized container

5,539,597     Press-fit glueless bearing pivot assembly for a rotary actuator

5,537,688     Hand covering with vibration-reducing bladder

5,535,512     Method of making a hermetically sealed electrical connector

5,524,343     Press-fit glueless bearing pivot assembly

5,516,219     High resolution combination donor/direct thermal printer

5,513,671     Hydraulically controlled water spool valve

D367,648     Hand-held computer unit

5,491,905     Apparatus for accurately spacing railing spindles

5,471,354     Servo head with close servo transducer placement for improved passive...

5,461,528     Self bucking servo transducer

5,435,399     Soil sampler

5,415,356     Reducing assembly for rotary drum mixers

5,403,241     Infinitely variable hydrostatic mechanical power shift gearbox

D357,109     Kiosk

D352,990     Combined funnel for a used oil filter and container for gathering residual oil

5,360,317     Centrifugal blood pump

5,357,316     Electrophotographic copying device

5,346,368     Sludge flow measuring system

D348,263     Kiosk

5,261,422     Acoustic administration of remedies process and device

5,246,235     Seal with embedded wire

5,224,894     Doll plus invertable container

5,197,940     Local application tumor treatment apparatus

5,160,667     Bearing protection device for liquid aerators

5,158,337     Seats for children

RE34,096     System for identifying authorized use of credit cards

5,130,871     Disk drive with rotatable diamond-shaped actuator arm

5,106,272     Sludge flow measuring system

5,089,286     Appliance for spirally slicing fruits and vegetables


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