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Litigation Examples

The vast majority of intellectual property disputes never reach trial, and many of the disputes we've been involved in are subject to confidentiality terms that prohibit discussion here.  But here are a few examples:

Northstar v. Shim-a-Line.  This was a patent dispute about wheel alignment parts for vehicles.  A summary judgment brief written by Mr. Shewchuk resulted in dismissal of the Plaintiff's claims (read the judicial opinion here), and the case proceeded through trial on only the Defendant's counterclaims.

Newport Electronics v. Newport Scientific.  This was a trademark dispute over the registration of the Newport Scientific mark, successfully registered over Newport Electonics' objections (read the judicial opinion here).

Land O'Lakes v. land-o-lez.com.  Using the alternative dispute resolution forum procedure that is in place for internet domain names, a pornographic website was shut down (read the judicial opinion here).

Carberry v. Land O'Lakes.  Three of the four claims brought by the Plaintiff were dismissed upon summary judgment, but the fourth - a patent infringement claim - went to trial.  After trial, the Judge determined that the plaintiff had not presented evidence to support a verdict of infringement, and dismissed the rest of the case.


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