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Trademark Costs

Trademark Search Costs.  If performed yourself, an initial level of trademark searching can be performed for free.  Such free searching would include searching on the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office database as well as searching on internet search engines such as Google or Yahoo!.  Professionally performed searching, which can also include state trademark searching, international searching or business database searching, together with the preparation of a written opinion should run about $500-1000 per mark.

TM (or SM) bugs and Use-based rights are free.  The "TM" symbol (or "SM" symbol), displayed in proximity to the mark, designates to viewers that the word or symbol is being used as a trademark (or service mark), not the generic name of the good (or service).  No application fee or other statutory requirements are required to use the "TM" (of "SM") bug of otherwise acquire rights in a mark used in commerce. 

Registration® costs.  Presuming a use-based application proceeds to allowance/issuance without significant difficulties, you can expect the total cost of registering a mark through a qualified attorney to run about $1000-$1200.  An "ITU" based application typically increases the cost by about $300, because a statement of use and additional government fee are required.  These costs can increase significantly if the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office rejects the application or a third party opposes the mark.  Additional costs will be incurred post issuance, such as an additional about $700 incurred at each of six, ten and  twenty years after registration.  The registration symbol ® should only be used after the registration issues.  Foreign registrations typically cost about the same or slightly more than the U.S. registration, on a country-by-country basis.

All costs given in this website are exemplary only, and represent neither an estimate nor a quotation for any project or work previously or subsequently performed. 


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