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Copyright Forms

Commonly used copyright forms include assignments, licenses and the government forms required for registration. 

Here's a standard copyright assignment.  Such an assignment is important for situations when your business retains independent contractors to generate original subject matter, such as promotional material.  Unless a written assignment is obtained, the copyright rights in such work product may belong to the independent contractor, even though your business paid for its creation.

Copyright licenses are used less frequently, but are good for situations in which royalties will be paid. 

The United States Copyright Office provides numerous forms for filing of applications for copyright registration.  With our clients, the most commonly used form is Form TX, because Form TX is used for computer programs as well as printed matter.

All Forms provided are exemplary only, and may or may not be appropriate in your situation.  In all instances, consultation with a qualified attorney is suggested to determine whether the form provided on this website is appropriate for your situation.  


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