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Litigation Timing

If you're a defendant in a lawsuit, you may have no control over when the lawsuit is filed.  And many lawsuits proceed upon a pace set by the court, with most intellectual property lawsuits taking two to three years between filing of the complaint and trial.  In between, there are many things that can be done to influence the timing of lawsuit events.  We've been involved in cases that go from service of the complaint to trial within eight months.  We've also obtained stays of lawsuits to have patents reexamined in the United States Patent and Trademark Office, when a slower schedule favored our client.  Experience, before the Patent and Trademark Office, before the courts, and in dealing with opposing parties, is essential to successfully selecting a course of action.  Then execution takes over - we pride ourselves upon being able to execute swiftly with highest quality work.  But for the best outcome for the client, that legal experience and execution must be combined with a real understanding of business strategy. 


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